Lolabelle in NYC

I'm your typical 30 year old New York City singleton. Or, I was in 2006 when I wrote these posts. Now I'm married and have a baby.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Prague in 2006

I just got back to New York from Prague, where I was attending a wedding. Man, I was overwhelmed by the reality of how much globalization of culture has occurred since the last time I was in Europe. A local even dropped the word "hipster" on me. Weird.

I feel like New York City is losing its edge. If we can't even lay claim to being hipper than the rest of the world, what have we got? The city's architecture and infrastructure is aging, so we aren't even one of the most advanced, modern cities. Nor do we have the beauty and history of a city like Prague. I feel that New York is past its prime. Maybe time to move to Beijing?

UPDATE 8-25: Gawker declares New York to be "Already Over" (a full 2 weeks after I did.)